I was at a storytelling event when someone from the crowd started telling a story about how he went to Europe to a place where “they keep Aryan blood pure.” I was so offended by this comment, but not one person stopped him (including the hosts) while he was telling this story. He told this same story at a storytelling event with me and left that out altogether. He did make a point of pointing out the one Asian guy in the audience and saying, “I saw Asians when I was in Europe too!” Once again, another one of those idiotic comments.

Same storyteller went to another event and talked about how blacks moving in his neighborhood were said to have brought down the value. All of these were “dog whistles.” He knew whose attention he was trying to get in these crowds. He knew exactly where to go to make these comments because it would not have worked at mine. He later defended himself by saying he said “they keep Anglo Saxon blood pure” as if there was a difference. Sometimes the dog whistles are loud and people are STILL oblivious to them. (Trump is one of many. But I’m always perplexed by how people point to Trump as if they don’t have people they walk past every day saying equally stupid ish.)

It just so happened to be one person in the crowd (me) who spoke up about his dog whistles. He hasn’t been to one of my storytelling events since I reported it. Good riddance!

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