I want to say you're right for this post, but this CNN rundown comes to mind. In all of the examples "10 times hip-hop told you about Black lives who mattered," black women are SUPER QUICK to speak up to defend brothas and talk about politics and brutality, but even in music, you don't see one femcee mentioned--not even Rapsody or Lauryn Hill. Hell, Erykah Badu has spoken out about equality.

The whole rundown is men. I agree with J. Cole and thought NoName was equally counterproductive by making a song about him while talking about how ridiculous it was for him to make a song about her. But I get why sistas are frustrated that they have to explain to the same people who are being harrassed why they are being harassed and what actions they need to figure it out. It doesn't take much to get a general understanding. We can memorize rap lyrics before we'll know all the states on a map. That's problematic for me.

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