I used to do this too! But I was one of those women who wore heels all the time. I was a photo technician at Walmart (eight months) and still wore heels, white vest and all. It was ridiculous, but heels for me were like wearing gym shoes.

Fast forward to two years ago (in 2018) to my last job. I was walking down the hall, and my ankle did that Gumby ankle turn completely out of nowhere. It was like a ghost pushed me. I caught myself on the wall, but it felt different. Two MRIs and five weeks of physical therapy later, I clearly hurt something. I didn’t need crutches or a brace, but I definitely did something wrong. The worst part is my hard-headed self still did not learn.

The same day the Ghost pushed me in those heels, I wore those same dumb heels later that night to a Yasiin Bey concert. I was so relieved when a friend showed up, took one look at me sitting in the VIP section with my leg balanced up on some kind of block I created, looking depressed, and asked me “What do you want to drink?” I could’ve proposed to him right there, just for realizing I needed a whiskey sour to block out the pain. Ha, ha, ha.

I still wear heels very rarely now, but that physical therapy was something else. Standing on a BOSU was more difficult than pushing a car!

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