I thought you were going to have statistics or some kind of well-researched proof. This is just you airing your personal views on marriage and believing all women think like you. This is the same crowd who thinks all women want to have kids. This is not 1920 where women depend on men for money and stay home by the stove. Not all women are desperate to be married in 2020 (read: me). I do not even think I fancied the idea with any guy I really liked. I thought of “we could be together forever" but never “I need a ring and the tedious process of wedding planning to showcase our relationship to everyone.” If it occurred to me to do it, it would be a courthouse. But I still have zip zero interest in marriage.

I can think of a few in my personal life — including my grandmother who was proposed to twice by her longtime boyfriend — and plenty of Oprah-esque women who are cool without marriage. Your op/ed would have been fine had you not generalized all women thinking like you and just wrote “I want to be married by 40.”

This post is just so poorly researched and filled with so many Cosmopolitan-ageism outlooks. I would recommend deleting it altogether.

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