I’m confused, but thank you for reading, Ken. Your response doesn’t sound like you read the full post. First of all, as glorious as it would be to be a PhD graduate, I don’t have one. I finished three years of grad school (changed my major three times), but I never completed it. And I’m not blaming the fellow for being (allegedly) intimidated by editing my work. I didn’t even know that editing my work was a problem to begin with. She edited it. I reviewed it. Kept some stuff and left other stuff out. My race-related issue is clearly about my boss’ tone with black women (me specifically) and the repeated accusation in general.

Now whether my boss decided that she was going to add words in the fellow’s mouth is another thing entirely. The problem is by the fellow NEVER saying a word about it to me, even on the train when she had the perfect chance for a one-on-one, she didn’t say anything. When she hugged me goodbye and gave me a thank you card, she said nothing. So I was lead to believe we were all good the entire time, minus that weird silent treatment on the train. Yes, she could’ve been intimidated by any writer. But truth be told, she was the one who was getting the master’s degree, not me, so education wise, she topped me. Experience level? OK, yeah, I had 14 years in the game, but still.

This is my most popular post on Medium and surprisingly on the first page of Google (I never expected it to get more than about 10–20 clicks), so I want to make sure nothing can be misunderstood. While I’m disappointed that the fellow wouldn’t just come to me or talk to me on the train about her concerns, she never gave me racist vibes. Overly sensitive, naive and a backstabber? Yes. But racist? Never. My boss? I have no respect for the woman at all.

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