I think you are one of the conservatives that inspired me to write this piece, someone who knows absolutely nothing about hip-hop (or any of the artists I spoke about) and are taking all of your heat out on two women of color for one song while blindly overlooking models wearing the same amount of clothing and sexual innuendos in all other music.

You’re also the kind of passive aggressive person who somehow has decided that someone who has been writing professionally for well over a decade doesn’t understand how to use a dictionary. While you’re befriending Merriam Webster, look up “marriage.” I’m pro-BLACK woman. I’m pro-LATINA women. I’m pro-woman of any race who is not afraid of her body. And I’m pro-consensual safe sex, marital sex and not being afraid of sex. That’s who I am.

And considering half the post is me saying why I wasn’t feeling the song or video initially and shouting out artists who didn’t get famous off of promiscuous lyrics, you sound like someone who didn’t read the post at all and only wanted to rant about two artists who you knew nothing about before the song. Stop leaving comments about hip-hop when you’re not of, from or know nothing about the culture. Stay in your lane or learn about the lane you blindly swerved your way into. This’ll just make me stream the song more — with the sole purpose of making it bigger and making you more uptight about it. (For every message you send me — or anyone who hates the song — I’m going to stream it on Spotify and watch the video. You not liking it just makes me like it more.)

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