I stated on another comment board that I was already cringing through his podcast with his wife when he said her vagina was “50% his,” but this gynecology investigation is beyond belief to me. My father, grandfather and brother would collectively prefer scratching their eyeballs out than to know ANYTHING going on in my sex life. They very much happily let my mother coach me through it all, and she was extremely open-minded when it came to telling me about the birds and the bees.

So I definitely can’t vouch for that “our parents” part because I just have never heard of anything like this from any of my black childhood friends growing up. And about one-fourth of them grew up in two-parent households. And even if they didn’t, cousins and uncles and brothers were around. I’ve never personally known a man who is this involved in his daughter’s privacy in this manner. This kinda gives me mixed opinions about younger adults staying on their parent’s health insurance until they’re 26. I had a full-time job by the time I graduated from college, so I ditched my parents’ health insurance when I was around 21. Even then though, I just do not recall my father ever bringing up one medical visit.

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