I started to add that into the post, but I didn't want to go off into the belief that these women only do man-hating songs. Destiny's Child did a whole "Cater 2 U" song with Terrence Howard, Nelly and Magic Johnson still having heart palpitations about it, but the crew that hate her (not as much venom toward Kelly and Michelle) seem to be stuck on "Not Sorry." Beyonce singing "Me, Myself and I" about enjoying her own company somehow translates to them as, "I hate men." Like, some dudes protest waaaaay too much. It starts sounding insecure.

Playing Devil's Advocate though, there's the common belief that men who were absolute fuckboys in their single days have daughters to teach them a lesson. So ... maybe that's when they're trying to save themselves from Bachelor's Past. I dunno. I'm just baffled that anybody could not love TLC's entire discography.

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