I simply don’t understand this thinking as an adult. I had a conversation last week with an extremely intelligent and thoughtful man about a few other women who I’d butted heads with. He lectured me about how “sticks and stones don’t break bones” and I paused. His goal was for me to defend myself against the women and stick it out with the group. But all I kept thinking was, “I don’t like two out of three of them, and the third one is wearing on my patience. So why should I?” It hurts my feelings a great deal for someone I do like to not like me. I can’t even comprehend the idea of caring about someone I’m not a fan of liking me.

My mother agreed with him: Go back, defend yourself, and stick around. I asked my mother if she knew about the layaway plan for life. ’Cause as far as I know, I only have one and can’t put a down payment on another. So I can only devote my time, days and attention to folks I do like. The rest? Meh.

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