I should send this to my mother just to know she’ll roll her eyes. Your daughter is my mother, the one who is a people pleaser and hates to see someone be upset. I’m the one who’ll tell you, “Touch me again, and we’re going to have a real problem up in here.” I’m baffled at the “because it’s the nice thing to do” logic of the school dance. Someone could not want to dance for a multitude of reasons: shyness, two left feet, uncomfortable with their own bodies, uncomfortable with the other person’s bodies, not into the song, whatever.

If you want to dance, dance. If you don’t, you should not be reprimanded for it. I would much rather the school consider a “no thank you” and a smile. Ironically, I tend to dance with anybody at clubs or parties just because I like to dance. I don’t really care who you are — minus one co-worker who came out of the bathroom and didn’t wash her hands and tried to grab my hand to go on the dance floor That was the end of me hanging out with her. Other than that, I’m game. Still though, that boy-pleasing attitude sets a dangerous tone for little girls later in life.

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