I see Illinois on the list. I have never seen a drive-thru liquor store in the 33 of 37 years I’ve lived here, so my guess is it’s downstate somewhere. That doesn’t make it right. Walmart is not one of these blink-and-you-missed-it towns. This is an incredibly popular store chain.

And if situations like what happened with Robert Kirk (Texas) continue on a larger scale than some random backwoods store like Don’s Fly-Thru Beer Barn, that’s just putting people at risk. That man bought a 30-pack of beer and another 30-pack of beer. He ended up with a dead friend and another one paralyzed during a 30-minute drive.

Just because it’s popular (in small towns) doesn’t make it logical. Walmart needs to focus on not having another mass murder in their stores, not making liquor more convenient to buy!

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