I saw the four-part story and clicked on the one with a subhead about dog sitting. Your subhead is misleading. It’s really that simple. That’s something I learned in high school English courses, never mind by the time I got to college and grad school. Your subhead should support your story. You mentioned a dog one time and banked on readers clicking and reading an entire four-part story, which sounds like you’re just writing clickbait. You need to learn how to get to your point faster, specifically if it’s in your subhead.

Quite frankly, I would’ve just skipped out of the story altogether once I saw “dog” mentioned way down on the page and not at all what the story was about. But after you left me that unnecessarily snarky comment about being “somewhat” on point, I was looking for jaw-dropping writing on your end that would make me curl up and read it all. Considering I already love dogs and walk them by profession, I clicked on this one.

Before you go to anyone else’s posts leaving snide comments (only a couple of days into the new year at that — you’re starting off strong with the misery, I see), make sure you’ve mastered your own. We need not speak further. Just know what it’s like when someone is unnecessarily nasty on your comment section. Some people would ignore it. I find giving people a dose of their own medicine works better. Miss me with the rest.

P.S. Dogs are extremely good judges of character. I’m surprised any dog would let you get into the door.

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