Once again, if someone whose culture I am unfamiliar with tells me something is offensive to them, Im more likely to use two eyes and a closed mouth. Business Insider has 25 customs in America that are considered rude overseas. If I go to Australia, I’m not going to bicker with the cab about not sitting shotgun. In Japan, maybe I’ll chill on laughing like I usually do. In Africa, I’d consciously not use my left hand. I’ve already learned the hard way about wearing casual/athletic attire in front of a Japanese friend’s mother. I never did it again while she was in town.

Because I am not drowning in the kind of privileged mentality that says, “If I cannot dissect and debate your views on a topic that I have no direct experience of, then you should just keep your thoughts private. Put them in a journal.” Instead, I’d take all these tips as a lesson learned to chill TF out the next time I’m around this group and choose not to do things that directly offend the group. But again, some people don’t feel so entitled that they’d rather debate the merits of historically and culturally offensive views — even within America. Others would rather you just accept that they’re rude as hell and keep on offending you because they “didn’t mean anything by it.”

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