I said I was just going to let readers have their own conversations among each other, but these are the kind of comments that annoy me and make me weigh in again.

  • This annoying need to make excuses for Denzel Washington speak up against casual racism and poor questioning does not need to be passed off as having a bad day. She said something dumb. He called her on it. She learned a lesson the hard way. If you’ve ever seen Denzel in other interviews, he has never been above challenging a question he didn’t agree with.
  • Going onto someone’s show or interview does not mean you have to cower to their way of questioning. Forest Whitaker went on The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne Tha God made an idiotic comment about his eye. Forest Whitaker played it cool. Angela Bassett got asked about sexual role playing: a dumb ass question from Envy. She gave him a look that made him change his line of questioning. Mary J. Blige was surprised that her interview went as well as it did. Sometimes people go on entertainment interview avenues and don’t know what to expect. Sometimes they are not as familiar with the host. Everytime someone cracks up laughing when Trevor Noah says, “Welcome to the Socially Distancing Daily Show,” you can tell they have not watched the show for the past five months. He’s been saying that. Sometimes entertainers are scheduled to go on shows by their publicist and don’t really know the host. I’ve talked to enough publicists (and argued with a few more) to know celebs aren’t just sitting around reading every single interview and host piece — unless it was a publication they grew up listening to/reading. Even then, they more likely know the publication than the host. Denzel could have just not known Katie Couric was going to ask him those questions — just as I thought she knew better than to do so.
  • Donating to a charitable cause doesn’t mean he’s apologizing. It could mean he just believes in the cause. Guilt makes her want to believe she was right and he “jumped all over” and that was his way of apologizing for her being dead wrong. In essence though, he could’ve just respected the cause. This wasn’t his first go-round at donations.

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