I respect your maturity level. My most successful and second highest-paying post on Medium is about why I quit my job due to being fed up with being told I was "intimidating" and "scaring a co-worker." I thought maybe five people would read it (including my parents). That post blew up to the top of Google. And I would not even humor the idea of the lady I wrote about (or the fellow) emailing, calling or tweeting at me. You're a different kind of forgiving (or interested in humoring) because I hope this lady NEVER EVER contacts me in my entire life. I actually saw an old boss in Target who also had the same borderline racist vibe.

I grabbed my cart and scooted off into an aisle, literally running away. She found me again when I left office supplies to the beauty section, and I went on and on talking nonstop to this poor cosmetics girl who clearly wanted me to leave her the hell alone. I asked about EVERYTHING under the sun, from foundation to eyelashes. (I have never not ever worn foundation nor fake eyelashes and couldn’t put 'em on correctly with a winning lottery ticket.) She finally took the hint and rode on. Once I was sure the boss was out of the store, I zoomed to self-checkout and jogged to my car. Nope, nope, nope. I don’t want to hear these late-ass guilt apologies. She had the chance to fix it when I worked there (like your three peers) and didn’t, so press on.

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