I respect the post, but this is so problematic for me. I wrote a post (not going to link it) about why I tried damn near everything to not call the police on a black guy who was losing his shit about a dirty car. I toggled between thinking about your post about black men having black women's backs and this one. It's a gambling game when BW call on BM. You hope that you can resolve the situation but think, "Man, I don't want blood on my hands if you don't." Weird place to be. I don't feel like any of the women you mentioned even ponder on this before calling. I have to be at my wit's end to call 911 on a brotha ... as in nothing else is working.

I just realized you read that post already. I saw your claps at the bottom just now. I still feel a way about it. Even though he was just doing the absolute most over a less-than-$10 car wash, it still annoys me that we could not have a decent and calm conversation. Even after I tried to pay the man for his car wash three separate times, he was still just as irate. At what point do you throw your hands up in the air and go, “I’m done.”

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