I remember one of my childhood doctors (Asian, male) asking me this same question. I’d gone through a chubby phase around third grade, and he asked it just like that: “Why are you so fat?” I was startled, looked at my mother (who was also shocked) and fell over laughing. I’m sure I should have been offended and my mother should’ve given him a lecture on how to make his statement in a gentler manner, but it was just so unprofessional that it gave me the giggles. Decades later, I still get a small kick out of how awful he was. But I do wonder how many kids with much thinner skin didn’t treat him like he was a comedy sketch. Although his rude question rolled off my shoulders (primarily because I dropped the weight around fourth grade, picked it up in fifth grade and kept yo-yo-ing all the way to high school), it is just wild to see this question on here while I was reading.

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