I read about half of this before I realized it was a waste of time. Going to the doctor to make sure your health is in good order or hanging out with relatives who will largely be considered guardians is NOT the same as dancing with a strange boy and having his hands on you. I hope you are never picked as a juror for a sexual assault or rape trial. You are a grown ass man who clearly has not figured out what rape culture is or even Me Too. It starts with entitled people who feel girls should be submissive, always say yes and never make a fuss when touched.

You did ALL that complaining to then later say you do not agree with this rule … and that was AFTER you tried to defend it by saying everyone should be able to ask everyone.

The fact that I (and other users) have to keep explaining this to you is embarrassing ON YOUR PART. This conversation is coming to a close. I am so relieved I do not know you in real life. Social media is what you make of it. I largely have reasonable debates on Twitter and other platforms. My guess is you do not because women on there are not submissive enough for your taste and should not be able to make their own decisions.

It is 2020. Learn the difference between rape culture and common sense parenting.

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