1. I never used the term “friends.”
  2. I never said I didn’t talk to these people in person.
  3. You’re talking to me online right now on a website, so if your attitude is to not talk “online” you’re messing up your own point.
  4. I have yet to find anything even slightly humorous enough to “lol” or “Ted Talk” my way into joking about a woman’s reproductive system.
  5. I personally know Liberals who are anti-abortion.
  6. I don’t use the term “pro-life” because it’s a misinformed phrase that negates the fact that there is more to life after a baby is born. I care about the reproductive health of the woman. I care about the woman having a life after the child is born. I care about the child’s life from the hospital to adulthood. I care about the woman having the ability to not be a parent should she choose not to. I care about the woman knowing full well she isn’t ready. All of that involves her life. Life doesn’t stop after the kid pops out.
  7. I didn’t bring up the issues against contraception out of nowhere. There is a track record of schools banning contraceptive talk, sexual education, STI/STD testing talks, etc. I’ve actually gone to bat at colleges who will only allow courses on “health” topics like diabetes but never condom usage. Meanwhile I volunteered for contraceptive and HIV/AIDS organizations. Again, to protect grown-ups lives.
  8. I could absolutely give no damns about what a man has to say about a body he will never have, a child he can never physically bring into the world nor a woman’s right to choose. When women can start telling you what to do with your dick on a day-to-day basis, then we can have an even discussion. Until then, sit on the sidelines and walk your way out of this conversation. This is not for you.

Before you tell me who I talk to, ask me. Never assume you know more than you do. What you did in the conversation above was make a bunch of leaps and laugh off a history of women struggling to have a right to their own body. I don’t respect men (or women) telling a grown ass woman how to treat her own body, who could be the victim of abuse, rape, deep financial struggles, contraceptives genuinely not working or simply know she would suck as a parent. And that’s on top of state issues with not properly educating people on contraceptives.

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