I laughed so hard when I read this. I could just imagine the biggole grin on your face when you said it, like this statement was an absolute win. It sounded like you were ready for a high five. I’m pretty sure I would’ve laughed if someone said that to me, primarily because when you ask questions like, “Do I look fat” you’re already setting yourself up for the truth. Don’t ask any question if you’re not prepared for the answer. I remember saying a pair of jeans made me “look fat” and his response was, “look fat.” I know it was a dig, but hell, he wasn’t wrong. I was filling out those jeans and not in a good way.

I had a bit of a pooch belly during the holidays and asked my mother, “Hey, do I look pregnant in this pose?” Her response was, “You know what you look like” and she clicked away. (I’ve been doing ab workouts ever since, but hell, that’s not on my honest mom.) I don’t mind people being honest when I’m asking them to be honest. It’s the ones who go way out of their way to start talking about weight gain or name-calling just to be mean. That’s when I have a real issue with it.