I know I said I was going to leave this alone, but I just want to be super clear and say I am NOT a fan of the man. It troubles me to my core that I would take him over 45 in a heartbeat. That’s how f**ked up I think the current administration is. But under absolutely positively no circumstances am I a fan of George W. Bush. I think Ellen is kinda annoying in her retail comedy skits with Michelle Obama, too, but I still respect her accomplishments. Not necessarily a fan, but there is a respect I have for her.

You make a good point about how people were affected by him in the form of incarceration, Hurricane Katrina, WMD, soldiers in Iraq, etc. I 100% understand your opinion. I’m not saying you’re right or wrong. The way she talked about forgiving her mother after what her stepfather did to her just makes me think she’s not faking — that really seems to be her, that whole “be kind to one another” thing. But she told that terrible story about her stepfather on “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” and instead of worrying about herself, she started worrying about calling her mother to warn her — even though she was the victim in her own story.

But I still go back to my original point: First Lady Michelle Obama knows all this stuff GWB did too. And as a black woman, I would think she would be a bit more unforgiving about it. And she’s not. I tried to read her book. But after I got to the chapter in which she was indifferent about incarceration issues and a Springfield vote, and she was complaining about Malia having a cold or something instead and “didn’t care” about the incarceration law, it made me look at the former First Lady different. There is a different level of admiration/respect that I had for the First Lady that I just didn’t have for Ellen DeGeneres. To me, it’s worse that the First Lady is snuggling up to Bush. Ellen? I expect. Michelle? Not so much.

After that, I just kinda wiped my hands of trying to make a hero out of people I actually do consider heroic. Nowadays I don’t want anybody to tell me anything negative about anybody else I admire: Barack, MLK, Malcolm X, Langston Hughes and Harriet Tubman. (Besides those five, everybody else is just human and I just let them be that.)

OK, I’m really done now. I’ve got stuff to do on Saturday. Gotta get off Medium. Thanks for the discussion.

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