I knew what you meant in regard to keeping track of dog food. It just does not take a journal to do it. If you are filling up more than 3–4 pages, it’s excessive. I just cannot see anyone reading a journal to take care of one dog.

Simple as this:


Dog food: Only ___________ brands

I once dog sat a dog for two weeks who had at least 10 pills to take daily that had to be shoved down his mouth. The owners gave me no written instructions. One demonstration, and plenty of times that she spit it out when we were alone, and I quickly figured out a secret: Hide it in a sweet potato.

We were solid for the next two weeks. I knew all the illnesses the dog had from them verbally telling them to me. By all means, if you want someone to read a full journal to take care of your dog, do what makes you feel best. But I think you are setting yourself up for a bunch of no’s to dog care. Four typewritten pages maximum, if that. I am just speaking from my own experience. Someone else could easily disagree.

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