I knew I was going to disagree with this post the minute I read the headline, but I gave it a shot anyway. My problem with it is I have personally seen too many black folks blow their mind on dumb s--t and then think their social circles are ATMs. We don’t largely come from money (i.e. backs of families who got rich off slavery) so if this person burns through funds on something that has no long-term benefits, (s)he is right back in the hole asking for a loan AGAIN. As much as I agree with you that how people spend their money should be private, my issue is those who make it your business by reaching into your pocket after his/hers is empty.

P.S. LLC Twitter and Passport Twitter are two of my favorite groups. I have invested and do not travel enough, but there is zip zero wrong with financial stability. Black Wall Street learned about financial stability and rebuilt after its demise in Tulsa. Every black person I know who made a point of investing and spending their money wisely is living far less stressed as seniors. You know who isn’t? The ones who complain about people all in their business regarding money and jobs but then constantly wanting to borrow someone else’s. COVID-19 has definitely leveled the financial field for many, but LLC Twitter will work tooth and nail to fight its way back to not crying every time a mortgage or light bill pops up in their email boxes.

We have got to become more financially responsible in order to just survive. IDGAF what other groups are doing to survive. I want us to do so, and blowing money on Fashion Nova or other companies who care about making a buck but not you is not the way to go.

P.P.S. I agree with Ja Rule about the dumb chicken competition. Actually I agree with Larenz Tate more, but me and Larenz are both vegetarians so there is a bias there.

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