I kinda have the opposite issue. The reason I’ll probably never be a vegan (I tried it for a year though) but can easily be a vegetarian (15 years and counting) is I just refuse to stop eating California maki rolls or Kit Kats. My problem was my favorite vegan restaurant used to sell California vegan maki rolls, which was what introduced me to them in the first place. Then completely out of nowhere, after at least a year or so of selling them, they just stopped. I went to a Thai restaurant and ordered them, thinking it was the same thing, and demolished the “real” version. That’s when I realized I’d been eating imitation crab.

I couldn’t care less about any other meat and never even had the desire to cheat. And cheese and dairy milk weren’t my thing even when I did eat meat for the first 23 years of my life. It’s just “meh” to me. But I’m not giving up Kit Kats (ever, I freaking love ’em) or California maki rolls (until I can find another vegan restaurant that makes them well).

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