Photo credit: Gayatri Malhotra/Unsplash

I keep seeing the same comment from the same white people who seem offended by this post. I'm going to answer this one time FOR EVERYBODY and the rest of you can refer to this comment. (I responded to MXM because this comment, although entitled, wasn’t as blatantly racist as some of the other Medium users on here who have been muted and/or blocked. You can take that goofy shit up with your family members on Thanksgiving. You won’t bring that energy my way.)

But back to MXM, if one person “fills up a bucket” by strolling to the bathroom and another person fills up a bucket by walking through a desert, sand and using a faucet with a worn-out rubber washer, we are not equal.

MXM, if you feel like "arguing over who filled the bucket" is pointless, then there was no need for you to read my post. I don't lose sleep if you don't. If other people voted for Hillary Clinton with the same support as black women did, we wouldn't have dealt with this pitiful and racist adult child in the White House for four years. Look at the numbers below.

If everybody voted like white people did in this election, Trump would have had another four years. This is not an assumption. Look at the statistics in 2016 and 2020.

Black people overall were also the highest number to vote for Biden. Biden was losing in the primaries before Black voters skyrocketed his popularity in South Carolina. Then the rest of the groups jumped on the bandwagon.

Photo credit: Gayatri Malhotra/Unsplash

But with that said, as stated in the article, battleground states went through pure hell to vote. In Chicago, I just turned in a ballot, got a return receipt and called it a day. In battleground cities and predominantly black areas, there were a massive amount of people whose polling locations were closed, understaffed, signatures challenged, stood in massive lines during a worldwide health outbreak, refusal to allow early votes counted until the day of or the day before, required notaries to even get an early ballot and/or an "excuse" for why they couldn't go on Election Day as though COVID-19 was not a thing. In predominantly black areas, people stood in line for HOURS to vote.

So if you are so entitled and so privileged that you believe that I should not point out that some of these cities went through pure hell to vote when even black women like me did not —i n addition to me saying clearly that I am NOT taking credit for the kind of struggles they went to to exercise their right to vote — then that's your problem. I'm giving these battleground cities/states and the politicians and canvassers their roses. And I have no fucks to give if you have a problem with it.

I'm not about to play this game with some of you in my comment section who are so irritated that I'm saying "Good job" and doing the "me too me too" thing that Eva Longoria did. Your issue is black women are getting a shred of credit regardless of how many keep trying to dismiss them. And if you're mad about that, BE MAD. STAY MAD!

Moving on!

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