I immediately remembered a time when I wanted to get out of the dorms because I could not stand a friend of my roommate’s. She was this rugby coach who would twist our doorknob instead of knocking. It was ALWAYS locked but the audacity of that made me disgusted by her from jump.

I wanted to go to a Japanese friend of mine’s dorm to avoid tolerating Rugby Coach. And I remember the Japanese friend, who I had always been cool with and hung out with enough that I invited her to my home for Thanksgiving, telling me “You won’t be comfortable. It will just be my Japanese friends speaking only Japanese.”

Now imagine if I told her “You won’t be comfortable with me on Thanksgiving. It will just be black folks talking about black stuff.”

Later on, when I met her mom when she graduated from another college (we were friends for about five years) who only spoke Japanese, I have no idea what happened. All I know is she became super tense, did not want to go out and refused to translate even a simple convo with me and her mom. Irony here is I spent her graduation weekend partying with all the Japanese friends that she did not want me to hang out with in her dorm on year one. When I flew home, we never spoke again. Her friends were dope though. I wish I would have befriended them in undergrad instead of her.

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