I have to play devil’s advocate here. How did you want them to handle the layoffs? They can’t do face-to-face visits. They did calls 15 minutes afterward. And employees were (probably) aware that “Dig missed last year’s financial targets by $10 million.” It doesn’t sound like this company (which I have never heard of) had any choice but to do it electronically. Quite frankly, I’d rather someone tell me bad news via text than call me up and have that awkward conversation. I remember a huge newspaper layoff. I was relieved when my boss called me beforehand and left me a voicemail message so I could save myself the awkwardness of coming in to find out in front of his face. I waited until the end of the day, packed my stuff and was out. I would not have had a problem with getting a text saying the same thing.

But what would you have preferred when the CEOs, management, etc., are all supposed to be socially isolated? Electronics seems like the go-to way of doing everything right now. And I can say with certainty that conference call sites are getting bombarded with terrible connections because corporate companies are using them as much now as the self-employed. I dealt with that craziness for a condo association meeting last week. It was bananas. We had to give up using one site to find another and the connection was still bad.

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