I have to admit I’m guilty of it, too, even as a black woman. And it’s an absolute shame, but there are too many names to keep up with. I remembered Belly Mujinga, the train conductor who was spit on by a passenger that claimed he had COVID-19. She died three days later. Police cleared him of all charges. I remembered Breonna Taylor after I’d written one piece and then added her to another. With that said though, it was a few black men (and a couple white guys) who reminded me of her. A lot of men were wishing her a happy birthday and R.I.P. yesterday, but I did see as many black women doing so on my timeline. The fact that I’m losing track of police brutality victims speaks volumes. The list is getting longer and longer and longer.

The only thing I can think (besides sexism) is the details surrounding George Lloyd are so graphic that we can see them. We heard the screams of Trayvon Martin and saw Philando Castile bleeding out in his car. As much as I would like to avert my eyes and not hear or see the murders, I do notice a news angle that shows us black men being attacked. I still cringe at Emmett Till’s pics. I cannot recall ever seeing the results of black women being attacked. We just see the window for Breonna Taylor or the car/arrest for Sandra Bland, etc. Working in news (previously), I still don’t recall there being an actual rule to only show men (maybe because people think we can take it), but I can’t recall one time seeing a graphic photo of a woman who was the victim of police brutality. Those photos are etched in our minds a different way.

Still though, with all that said, if I remembered Belly Mujinga, then I should’ve remembered Breonna Taylor, too.

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