I have so much to say that I don’t want to forget, so I’m using bullet points:

  • I immediately thought “a man wrote this” as soon as I saw the headline. Sexist as it may be, I just really couldn’t imagine a woman writing this post until …
  • I remember a fashion columnist at a newspaper I worked with. I hated every last outfit she wore. She always looked like a witch, with these weird pointy shoes and forever in black, orange and green. Her earrings and bracelets were too big, and she had wild hair all over her head. I always thought, “Who the f — k gave her this job?” Killer part is every week she was criticizing everyone else’s outfits. She despised capris and talked about how they made women look “frumpy” and all things that were actually fashionable. When she asked for suggestions on “fashion don’ts,” I gave her a paragraph describing all of her outfits. She laughed maniacally, said it described her attire, still wore it and still criticized everyone else’s clothes. Oddly, I respected her more for her defiance.
  • Toby from “This Is Us” keeps popping into my head. He always gets his outfits right, especially those top hats. And then an accountant from a second newspaper I worked for keeps coming up. He randomly requested to be a guest blogger for a new category of blogs I was working on assigning. He was always snazzy as hell when he came to work and smelled insanely good. (Good lord, I love a man who wears a nice cologne. Even if he’s your average 5, he shoots up to at least a 7 for cologne.) He was maybe about 250 to 300 and about 6'0 or 6'1. But he was the snazziest dresser in our whole office, even outdoing the marketing execs who were dressed to the nines every day.
  • Meagan Good said in an interview one time something to the effect of “Your best outfit is confidence. If you feel good in the outfit, you’ll look good in the outfit.” I’m messing up her quote, but I took that line of thinking with me from my college years to adulthood. Nowadays whether I’m wearing a hoodie and jeans or a fitted dress with three-inch heels, if I don’t feel good in it, I’m taking it OFF immediately.

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