I have no idea what you’re talking about regarding the peanut butter video, and I’m purposely not going to go look for it. I am indeed the Debbie Downer of those posts — and most dog outfits — so I already know I’ll annoy everyone in the comment section. I tried clipping my German Shepherd’s nails one time. She was cool with the first two or three, but that fourth one was so long. I went way too close to the quick (before I knew what it was) and she let out a yelp and took off running. That was it for me.

Only thing was when she took off running through the kitchen, she realized she was no longer slipping all over the floor. A couple of minutes later, I didn’t hear the “tapping” noise of her long nails. She walked right in, flopped over and let me continue. I got through it, but it was just too much. I told my mother to take her to a groomer next time. I just couldn’t handle it. If I knew then what I know how, I would’ve been better at it. Somebody should’ve forced me to read the instructions instead of winging it by clipping the way I do my own nails.

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