I have no idea what you expected to accomplish with this comment. The intention wasn't to say they were "lame as fuck" nor acting brand new. As far as "white people cant win for shit," apparently you are overlooking history books. White people have been winning for several centuries--statistically. "So many articles" are finally giving up on keeping their opinions to themselves and ending up in the Human Resources department for telling the truth, but I'm not making not-a-one read any post on my Medium account.

I also have written posts about white people who were role models and very in tune with black folks. However, ALL of them were already doing the five things I mentioned at the end of this post. It's an altogether different experience talking to white people who are regularly around black people (Robin Thicke is one example, who I actually met; Jon B., another example, who I'm going to assume falls in the same umbrella; Gary Owen, who I'm sure would be fun to hang out with; and those in my own social circle) versus those who only see them on TV.

White people who are always around black people would feel like this entire post is 2 + 2. Those who don't will be offended and leave irate compliments or say stuff like "I don't see race" and completely overlook the million fucking times I talked about why "I don't see race" is problematic.

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