I have never in my life felt like this. Matter of fact, at one point, I wanted to get a shirt made saying, “This ain’t my kids” when I used to hang out with my nephews pretty tough. It doesn’t phase me. Anytime someone says “Happy Mother’s Day” to me, I smile and say, “I’ll pass the word to my own mom. I don’t have kids.” And I go on with my day. “Worthless” never entered my mind.

But with that said, I 100% understand why it would be awkward for a woman who has had an abortion, a miscarriage or who physically cannot have kids. I cringe at the thought of doing that. So the only people I say “Happy Mother’s Day” to are women I personally know who talk about their children at length. Those are the ones I texted today who sent back hearts and “thank yous.” Accidentally wishing a non-mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” can come off as bad as “When are you due?” to a woman who just ate too much pizza. I want no parts of it.

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