I have never gone through the “too old” or “too young” thing primarily because I was a kid who only wanted to hang with adults. My favorite person to chill with was my parents’ chain-smoking landlord who just wanted to play Solitaire and had to be in her 60s or 70s. Then my grandfather, who lived to be 95, won over everybody. He was just my favorite person in life, tied with my mother. And my great great aunt, who I debated with nonstop, lived to be 100. When I think of all the people who have been influential in my life, it’s always folks with AARP memberships, never the people my age. The first time I dealt with “too young” people was working for a tech startup company with 20-some-odd-year-olds while I was in my 30s. The conversations were topics like “I look at people like they’re crazy for wearing Skechers.” I still recall a girl I went to college with (transferred, at 20, as mentioned) who complained about people wearing “old Jordans.” And all I kept thinking was, “Everybody younger than me is an absolute idiot. Are there any senior living facilities around here because my brain cells are dying as we speak? Heeeeeelp!”

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