I have been meaning to write this for like four days, but the Busch commercial finally made me sit still long enough to do it. You definitely crossed my mind because you went so far out of your way to lift your super-heavy dog without assistance — even after he did all that pooping. My father (unfortunately) had a similar experience with our German Shepherd. She fell out in the hallway and peed and pooped all over the floor. She had shown absolutely no illness at all, and one day, just did that. He tried to carry her down the back steps. Like your dog, she built up enough strength to try to help him and got down the steps herself.

Anyway, I say that to say, dogs are excellent companions for singles, but it can make it harder to find a backup person — in the event of an emergency, or worse. First, you definitely need to socialize your dog with your backups so the dog isn’t thinking, “Who in the WORLD are you?” Then, they have to agree to it. I skipped a whole family member’s wedding to dogsit for my parents. To me, that German Shepherd was more important. But I would’ve been in a helluva situation as a caretaker because my apartment didn’t allow dogs.

That’s another problem with finding a caregiver — gotta make sure their home allows dogs. I forgot to mention that! I am going to add that now. Good luck in your search.

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