I had not thought about it that way (mainly because I still salute natives who were massively killed before other groups got here), but you do have a point. It does give a "go back to your own country" vibe ... to people from OTHER countries. And I'm not even going to attempt to have the "go back to Africa if you don't like racism" conversation with folks who've never heard of apartheid. It's an offensive and extremely annoying rationale: Just leave, don't bother fixing the actual problem with the people there.

More importantly, and I got off into a chain of conversations with another reader on here about this, but it continuously comes from people who have NEVER bothered to ask people of color in their own home countries do they experience racism. At least I know you're coming from a perspective of someone who can openly admit, "Yeah, there are some issues here" (regarding the nurse story you told me). I know this is bare minimum, but the fact that you didn't even get mad when I pointed out the pros and cons of a "joke" response was such a relief to me. Reassessments have become this rare concept.

Anyway, thanks for weighing in.

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