I had a co-worker who claimed to be a deejay, although all she did was play CDs. I'm an '80s baby with the kind of snobbery that feels like deejays should scratch records or at least know how to properly mix over different sounds. She decided she wanted our entire editing team to contribute songs. Every single song I listen to did NOT qualify for this 40-70-year-old crowd, even though the party was for a co-worker who was a a hip-hop fan and had married a brown-skinned sista. Still though, although we talked about hip-hop often, this was just NOT the crowd. When they insisted that I recommend an artist, I said, "Will Smith" thinking they could not possibly go wrong. This lady picked EVERY single song that he was cursing on, and I had no idea that Will Smith cursed at all.

Low and behold, one of the older co-workers asked, "Who picked THIS?" The snitching ass deejay immediately pointed to me and said, "Hey, you know, we have to let everyone contribute." Then they proceeded to play more rock songs with just as much swearing. But somehow Will Smith had me feeling like I asked them to play the entire Ruff Ryder compilation album.

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