I gave up on Textbroker. I worked for them from 2014 to 2017 but grew uncomfortable with ghostwriting. I also ran into the photo client you described. And then I got to either 300 or 400 posts (I can’t remember now) and Textbroker randomly stopped sending me emails when people would ask for direct hire requests. I missed out on one client contacting me repeatedly and brought it up to their tech team. No response. That Mary lady just disappeared.

I worked for oDesk before it was Upwork, and someone mentioned the chump change Textbroker paid. I started comparing the rates on that site versus oDesk and then that was when I quit.

It’s strange though, but I find the same thing happens with other types of clients. I’m a dog walker/sitter, too, and it never fails. The client with a laundry list of details and rules for how to take care of their dog is always someone who wants to negotiate rates for way cheaper ones that are publicly available. One lady even wanted her security camera on me the whole time. Then other clients (one of which insisted on me “charging what you’re worth” and paying me more than I even asked for and another who left me a bouquet of flowers) left simple notes, a few directions and bounced. The latter clients who matched my rates and were pretty easygoing had guest rooms, maids, gardeners, etc. But the ones with mattresses on the floor, barely any dishes and garbage cans filled to capacity wanted to check in every five minutes.

Nowadays I can just spot problematic clients easier. I want money. I need it to survive. But I don’t need it bad enough to be hustled. I’d rather just eat the damn hot bowl of carrots. (You know what I mean by that last sentence.)

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