I felt like this last week when I saw a bunch of brothas in Chicago yelling at Black Lives Matter protesters, telling them to go away. They were ranting and raving about how there is no protest when someone black gets shot, just the police. The All Lives Matter folks loved every millisecond of it, but no one would point out that one group gets PAID to protect and serve. The other has no loyalty to anyone. No one would point out that white people don't stage protests when white people kill white people, so why is it so much more necessary for black people to do it when black people kill black people? And these were peaceful protesters, not rioters. They were all in the street calling peaceful protesters "clowns" and "nigga this, nigga that." I could hear the tap-dancing from my couch. Ughk!

There are moments when I fully understand Stockholm Syndrome. And as far as you having a white husband, what the fawk does that have to do with anything? Although there are exceptions, usually when I meet a white guy who seriously dates/marries a sista, this is someone who is far more likely to be against racism as a whole. But regardless of that, what harm are you doing trying to fight against racism? If he doesn't like it, tell all the white people he knows, "Be racist to me. I don't mind!" Let that man be miserable on his own time, just don't drag the rest of the population with him.

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