I feel like you are all the karma that is me — coming back to prove why family, friends and clients ask me to write shorter emails and text messages. Jeezus, this was so long. But it is the kind of long-ass response I would send on a regular day-to-day basis. When I have time during the week and am not enjoying Chicago’s oddly nice weather for March, I will answer the question you have asked me three times. I promise. You clearly deserve a response. The fact that you are going to vote for Biden if he loses to Sanders is all the reason I need to answer. Talk soon.

P.S. And yes, I read the full article. It is exactly why I would’ve voted for Senator Kamala Harris over former VP Joe Biden. When she dropped out, that threw me all the way off. I distinctly recall her issues with Biden and busing. Then again, I took a few issues with her as a prosecuting attorney — until I read “The Truth We Told.”

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