I dunno about this one. I got contacted by recruiters regularly and never paid a dime. It felt more like they just wanted you on their list of potentials. One recruiter insisted we be Connects. She had thousands of them, so it made her page look like she was the champ of resumes. But she never came through with one job. I've been off LinkedIn for two years and have no desire to find the kind of jobs that are on there, but I still do agree with the premise.

I pay for Upwork Connects for the same reasons (or at least similar) that you pay for LinkedIn Premium. But I find myself policing who I respond to, so I know who really has an active job and who is just randomly seeing who will respond, has no actual start date nor test ready, and doesn't know what the job entails, but wants to talk to you three milliseconds after you get an inbox message. I encourage people to dedicate energy to companies that actively hire, not just post jobs.

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