I don’t know where the post is, but I read a post about a week or two ago from an Australian writer who said that worldwide people thought Australian tourists were the worst ones. It was interesting to me primarily because I have absolutely no knowledge of either Australian tourists and/or Australian people — minus a work client who is my absolute favorite. But the only-Japanese-people restaurant you mentioned made me wonder if the owners were just fed up with the way tourists acted while inside of the restaurant. That’s still blatantly discriminating against certain groups, but that article (it’s on Medium somewhere) just keeps popping in my head.

By queues, you mean sign-in sheets, right? It makes sense to me. If everyone is punctual and wants things to be in an orderly fashion, I can see why there’d be a sort of RSVP checkpoint for everything. I was working on an article about customer service for a separate client. People were asked would they pay for better customer service. About 40 percent of Americans said they would. Meanwhile about 80 percent of Chinese people said they would. (I didn’t see the responses from Japan.) The post went into how in Asia, positive customer service is just expected so the gratuity is factored in. Apparently it would be rude in some parts of Asia (including Japan) to tip. I thought about that, too, when you mentioned how much better the customer service is.

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