I don’t know enough about Jhene Aiko to really care. I’d be a little bummed to be blocked by Toni Braxton, and I was quite surprised I wasn’t after I went off on a blogging tirade during “Braxton Family Values.” I vehemently disagreed with several of Towanda and Tamar’s behavior. Still though, not blocked. Hell, I even got a favorited tweet from Towanda for thinking she looked strikingly similar to Nikki from “Life in the Dreamhouse.” (I don’t know how I got lost in this Barbie show, but I couldn’t stop watching all the episodes one day years ago and Nikki’s mannerisms, facial expressions and some comments just remind me of Towanda.)

But the ultimate compliment is to be blocked by Satan Spawn Kenya. I would wear that badge of honor and put it in my bio. It’s like being blocked by Trump. I have been blocked by a few users (no celebs, so far) but never anyone I cared about. I am still suspicious when celebrities do follow me on Twitter and double check to see if they’re still there every few months.

Those two though? I would just love the idea of Kenya and Trump blocking me. It means I did something right.

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