I do understand what your larger goal was. This is an argument I've been having in every newsroom. I wrote about it once because I despised that there was a mugshot photo gallery. Almost EVERY single photo was of a black man. It's hard to defend journalism when galleries are created for the sole purpose of saying, "See, look, I told you they are criminals."

From a journalist's perspective, I cannot say, "Don't put it up even though such-n-such committed a crime." If he did it, he did it.

But from a black woman's perspective, I can say, "You did this s--t on purpose. It's a dog whistle to those who cannot wait to link it and say, 'I told you they were thugs.'"

The journalist isn't necessarily wrong. The story could be 100% true. It's the lack of balance that bothers those around me.

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