I do not disagree with your view that black people may differ on political issues and who they voted for, but you keep using the term “racist” when it just flat out is incorrect. Racism entails believing one race is superior to another and often stereotypes one group. No media outlet is trying to create an inferiority or superiority complex. They are just taking the statistics of those who voted and who they voted for. Numbers are what they are. If more black people voted for Biden in state to state, and CNN had a breakdown by state, it is impossible and delusional to ignore those numbers.

Gawd, this is why I get so frustrated when people use the term racism. Use it when there is ACTUAL racism, not just a conversation about race. This is irresponsible. People lie, numbers don’t. I wish you had not used “racism" to describe the actual proven statistics of people who backed Biden because this was otherwise a solid read.

Side note: “Old” people is your way of describing anyone over 45? I would rethink that one too.

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