I do not agree. As an African-American woman who wasn’t “poorly educated,” who went to grad school and who has worked in the digital arena for several years, you are doing some serious generalizing:

  • We are not the most poorly educated statistically.
  • Until you meet 40 million of us, it is never a good idea to say what “most” of us do. But I’ve read a bunch of your Medium comments to get a more clear idea of where you’re coming from. You make some really good points, but right here, it just sounds like you’re throwing this one in the air.
  • Prefer industries that aren’t segregated? So you’re completely dismissing the entire need for Affirmative Action to be able to break through discrimination barriers that get people into the door, never mind degrees and actually being qualified? And apparently you’ve completely overlooked the countless black organizations that created their own coding companies (ex. Black Girls Code) or black-owned web businesses.

The only thing we can agree on is the potential for connections or just flat-out biased hiring managers. Your comment is way too flippant to make to a 12-year-old who is actually brave enough to ask. When I was 12, I would’ve just expected there to be no black people in an arena like this (nor was it anything like it is now). But the fact that this kid is even asking is a major accomplishment in expecting more of Corporate America and startups in general.

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