I definitely understand where you’re coming from. Although I deactivated that Amazon account at the time, I used to review all kinds of music, movies and books that were the dopest, according to my skinfolk. I am not into Zane nor any erotica fiction. I will forever and always think Nas’ “Life Is Good” and “I Am” are better than “Illmatic.” I walked right out of the theater by the time “A Wrinkle in Time” did that dance around (clouds? steps?) and still don’t care what the end was. There are definitely moments when I go, “Man, I’m about to hear about it now.” But with that said, I can also be on the other side. When I run into people who have never seen nor want to see “Love Jones” or “Higher Learning,” I damn near pass out. But there are those moments when I have to step back and go, “Hey, you don’t like and/or are interested in everything either, so calm down.”

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