I can’t stand it when people have an opinion and immediately point to how someone else thought. YOU wrote this piece. I’m talking about YOUR opinion. I don’t care about other scholars, specifically whining and complaining people like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West who pouted about not being invited to the White House. I’m referring to YOU. That race speech is widely publicized and public knowledge. He didn’t hide it. People blind to racism were not only mad he gave the speech; they felt more of a way that he threw his own grandmother under the bus in order to tell this story. This is not something I’m willing to debate. Hell, he’s vocal about racism RIGHT NOW. If you want to talk about Michelle Obama’s book, then do that. I closed it the minute she started talking about she didn’t care about then-Senator Obama not going to Springfield to vote on prison laws because Malia had an ailment that could’ve easily been handled by one person. So I can only speak on the first hundred or so pages I read. It made me look at her differently. But I’m not going to act like I missed Republicans hounding this man for eight straight years on race and claiming he pulled the race card every five milliseconds even when he was trying to compromise.

On the subject of “Uncle Tom,” if you’re talking about Jesse Jackson Sr., I don’t respect him anyway. Any grown man who starts talking about cutting another man’s nuts off is an ass. I met him before. He got mad that I paid him no attention and walked by him, and he reached out and grabbed my arm. Just stood there looking ahead, with my arm in his hand. I yanked it away. IDGAF about Jesse Jackson’s opinion on anything. He needs to learn to keep his hands to himself before he ever criticizes another human being. I have found him to be problematic way before my days of working for the Chicago Defender. All the scholars who don’t like him all seem to have more of a vendetta that they couldn’t hang out with him and less of an issue with his results.

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