I can't see that being the case when he's consistently done too many things that don't really help him. His persistence with "banking black" isn't paying his bills. He's just banking black. The Netflix show put some extra money in his bag, but essentially, he even "fixed" the results so a black woman could take over--even after he won the popular vote on that show. He even helped that guy (forgot his name, the clueless minority Republican guy) who kept promoting racist agendas. He's just a meet-in-the-middle kinda guy. T.I. talked about this before, too. When T.I. and Candace Owens were going at it, Killer Mike helped clarify one of her points (that was she was FAILING at making). T.I. asked Killer Mike why he helped her out, and Killer Mike said something to the effect of, "She's still a black woman." Even with Candace Owens being abhorrent, he just couldn't avoid being a peacemaker. Some people will always be more Martin than Malcolm. He's one of those people, regardless of his "kill the master" message.

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