I cannot remember why I ended up at a timeshare meeting. I just remember my mother and me went and enjoyed ourselves at some place. Then we ended up in a quiet room with this lady who kept telling me I should invest for “spring break parties with friends.” I mentioned that my mother was my best friend, and I’d rather travel with her. She once again insisted that I would rather be with my friends for “spring break parties.” I told her I don’t really do “spring break parties” and my mother is my ace boon coon. A third time. By that time, I told her I wasn’t interested. I remember the hostility of it all when I turned her down. Those kinds of moments are what really let me know what a company is like. If they stay professional, it makes me more interested. If they try to save me money and don’t start telling me “it’s only $5 per ____” without telling me annual rates, I pay more attention. But once I feel like you’re trying to make my life into your life, we have no deal.

I love the hell out of Hawaii, but those tourist companies feed on naive travelers. I got duped while parasailing. I paid $40 for them to take photographs of me in the air. I posed and smiled and shifted and turned. I pondered on why I didn’t just do what another couple did and get someone else to take photos for me on my smartphone. But the fancy camera that the two boat guys had seemed like they’d make out for better photos. I got all the way home and the SD card was blank. Who thinks to check it while they’re hanging in Hawaii? I protested that payment. They insisted I send the SD card back to make sure nothing was wrong with it. They ended up mailing the envelope back to me with a small slit in the envelope where the company had taken the blank SD card out.

I posted about that company on Yelp!, Google Reviews and wrote a post about them. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, etc. For some companies, you have to make a lot of noise for them to listen. Otherwise, they will just keep suckering people quietly. Kudos to you for speaking up.

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