I cannot relate (ever) to missing being in Corporate America. It has never happened. Freelancers go into panic mode when their clients want to take a vacation. That means bills don't get paid. I ran into an influx of folks who were down to the wire trying to get work done on Christmas Eve and even New Year's Eve. But I must be honest. Without my clients (even if I wasn't depending on the money), I think I'd miss THEM.

So I guess it comes down to actually enjoying the people you work with. I really like my clients, so it's bittersweet to take a break. I'm excited like a cousin came in town every time a few clients re-appear after months for new work. So I kinda get what you're saying ... it's the Corporate part that's throwing me off.

P.S. I went home. I skipped Mother's Day and Father's Day and my own birthday. Last year, I even skipped Thanksgiving to do a dog boarding (yeah, I love dogs that much). But I just couldn't do it with Xmas and NYD. I walk in with a thermometer gun pointed like the Female Jason Bourne (or Halle Berry in any movie but "Baps") and aim it at my parents, but I went home. I also lectured them 10,000,000 times about masks while they rolled their eyes and called me the "Mask Monitor."

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